Underdog Support Services



Support for the underdog.

I'm Eric Leocadio and I'm here to help the underdogs. I provide convenient admin services, relatable coaching, down-to-earth training, and seasoned event logistics for individuals, small non-profits, changemaker projects, and small businesses to help you see your vision take flight.

  • Non-Profit Management & Small Business Consulting

  • Personal Household & Business Bookkeeping Services

  • Non-Profit Legal Filings Assistance

  • Web Development & Marketing Services

  • Event Planning & Logistics

  • Training Seminars




Get the help you need from someone who knows what you're going through.

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I'm here to help the underdogs - those passionate emerging changemakers that sometimes feel intimidated by those big names and big budgets that get all the attention. When you feel like just a regular person who wants to do big things in the community, it's natural to feel like you're the underdog in your social impact industry. I get it. We feel like a small fish in a vast ocean. Maybe you feel like you need help but are embarrassed to go to trainings with others who seem like they have it all together. Do you prefer a one-on-one approach to getting the help you need? My mission is to support your business, personal, and social impact efforts to help you see your vision take flight. So it’s kinda like going on a tandem skydive!

  • Are you a founder of a small non-profit organization but can't seem to keep up with all of the legal requirements to stay in compliance? Or maybe "admin" is just not your strength and you'd rather focus on the community programs.

  • Are you trying to figure out how to start that small business or passion project? Or maybe you find the bookkeeping part intimidating or overwhelming.

  • Are you finding it hard to manage your own personal finances and just need a simple system to keep track of your household expenses? Or maybe you'd rather have someone do it for you.

I get it. Many of us have amazing vision for impacting our communities but implementing them can seem insurmountable because we don't know where to start or we don't know how to do certain tasks or we just feel insecure about succeeding compared to everyone else's success story. Sometimes we just need help flying.

I know what it's like to feel like an underdog . . . .