Convenient admin services, relatable coaching, down-to-earth training, and seasoned event logistics for individuals, small non-profits, changemaker projects, and small businesses to help you see your vision take flight.

Non-Profit Management &
Small Business Consulting


Do you need help with keeping up the administrative side of your small non-profit organization or project? Are you unsure if your non-profit is in compliance with state and federal requirements? Do you need help with wording or re-articulating your vision and mission statements for your small business or non-profit or project? These are some of the ways I can help:

  • Organizational Compliance and Documents Assessment

  • Social Impact Strategy

  • Member Engagement Strategy

  • Vision & Mission Statements

  • Organizational Development

  • Board Member Training

  • Non-Profit Management Coaching

Financial Management Support


Do you find the idea of bookkeeping overwhelming? Are all of your receipts scattered all over the place? Do you have so many  other things to do around the house or at work that keeping track of the household finances is the last thing you want to do? These are some of the ways I can help:

  • Personal Household Bookkeeping Set Up
  • Business / Non-Profit / Project Bookkeeping Set Up
  • Monthly Bookkeeping Maintenance
  • Quarterly Profit & Loss Statements
  • Quarterly Balance Sheets
  • Financial Policies Review

Web Development & Marketing


Do you need a new web site but feel like the big fancy web sites are too expensive or unnecessary for what you really need? Do you have a hard time maintaining your web site with current content? Would you rather have someone else take care of all your social media posts? Do you want short videos or promotional ads to raise your marketing game but a full production is just out of your budget? These are some of the ways I can help:

  • Basic Web Site Build
  • Monthly Web Site Maintenance & Updates
  • Social Media Management
  • Simple Video / Image Promotional Ads

Non-Profit Legal Filings Assistance


Do you have a hard time remembering which legal filings you need to do in order to keep your small non-profit compliant with state and federal regulations? I can do these for you or I can fill in the paperwork so that all you've got to do is sign and mail it. These are some of the forms I can help you with:

  • IRS Form 990-N
  • FTB Form 199-N
  • RRF-1
  • Statement of Information
  • Ficticious Business Name Statement

Event Planning & Logistics


Does your organization, business, or project need help with your annual banquet or picnic? Do you need help with planning or facilitating your Board or Team retreat? Do you want to host a special event but logistics and details just isn't your thing? These are some of the things I can do:

  • Awards Banquets
  • Organization Picnics
  • Board / Team Retreats
  • Special Events

Training Seminars


Would you like to host a training seminar for your team, employees, or for the general community? These are some training seminar topics I can do:

  • Building Relational Networks
  • Creating Collaborative Partnerships
  • Leadership Training
  • Member Engagement
  • Social Impact Mapping
  • Financial Management